Your kids are home… for who knows how long?! Just breathe- we’ve got you covered.
Aunt Katie’s Place’s mission is to to champion the intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being of all children. This most definitely does not stop during quarantine. We hope you’ll find this informative newsletter useful, and we’d love for you to pass it on to your friends, relatives, associates… whoever is at home with their kids and needs it!

Download your first issue of The QUARANTIMES here:

In this issue:


*Proper Nutrition When You Can’t Get To The Store
How can you make sure your child is receiving adequate nutrition if you can’t get fresh food from the store?
*Virtual Playdates
Using the internet to ensure your child can still hang out with their BFF during quarantine.
*Garden Planning
It’s that time of year! And now that your kids are home, they can help!

Free Online Resources

Get your kids’ creativity going with an awesome puppet show!
Exploring the world… while indoors! With Home Safari, Astronaut Academy, and Science Mom!
Let’s release your kids’ pent up energy! Try some ballet classes, a story time yoga, and fun dance videos!
Let’s fuel those brains with books read by Olaf, stop motion stories from BriReads, storytime broadcasted from the international space station, and a great Scholastic hook up!

In the next issue:

*More Free Online Resources for Art, Theatre, Science, Fitness, and Reading!
*Doctor Kristin’s 10 Favorite Songs For Proper Covid-19 Hand Washing 
*Home Remedies For Sore Throats, Respiratory Infections, and Immunity Boosts
*Aunt Katie’s favorite books to check out as e-books from your local library
*And More!

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