French Resources

Helping your child get started on a second language is difficult. Especially if you are a monolingual parent or caretaker. Below you will find a compilation of videos and games that can help you on your search for quality French Language Learning Resources!

*Useful tip: If you’d like a hard copy of videos, check out Big Lots and WalMart. Their $5 DVDs are usually dubbed over in multiple languages. And Madagascar is just as funny in French as it is in English!

French Songs

Songs by Alain LeLait
These are catchy and simple songs to help learn French. You can also download them from Amazon.

French Videos

Twirlywoos en Français
These guys are absolutely adorable! And will help teach French!

Zou en Français
Zou episodes in French

Peppa Pig en Français
Peppa Pig videos in French

Yo Gabba Gabba! en Français
It’s… Yo Gabba Gabba! But in French!

Bob le Bricoleur
Bob the Builder videos in French

Caillou en Français
Hour-long Caillou videos in French

Les Super Nanas
Powerpuff Girls videos in French

Woody Woodpecker en Français 
Woody Woodpecker videos in French

Magic – La Famille Féerique 
Magic – The Fairy Family
Full episodes of a French Disney Channel show

French Games


French learning games. This website is actually a real French site and it filters games into age groups.


French learning games

Digital Dialects

French learning games

French Games. Net

French learning games

Dino Lingo

SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED- This program has games, songs, videos, and more. Month or year subscriptions available.

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